Sunday, August 27, 2006

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Don Martin - Situation Normal All Fucked Up CD-Album
01: As We Begin
02: Alarmclock Resistance - feat. Tumi & Pariah
03: Fish 'N Sheep(s)
04: Subway Style (Car Moves to Motion)
05: Backpack Rap Act - feat. Jester & Shepherd
06: Weapons of Mass Deception (Chomsky's Skit)
07: Red Black - feat. Supa Sayed
08: Good Riddance - feat. Pariah
09: Non Stop - feat. Supa Sayed
10: Deliver The Remix - feat. Shepherd, Pariah & Definite
11: Disgraceful Political Behaviour (Dedicated to ZTV)0
Damage: 10 Euro included shipping

Don Martin & Supa Sayed - Motgift Ep vinyl 7"
Extremly limited 7" pressing of Motgift Ep.
A1. Motgift
A2. Grorud Granitt
A3. Supa Serum
B1. Dikt Underveis
B2. Idol Robin
B3. Tyst! (skit)
Damage: 10 Euro included shipping

Don Martin - Video Alarmclock DVD
Video clips for
Repaint The Picture - Don Martin
Deliver The Word - Don Martin
Represent What - Jester
Pressure (Bourj Remix) - Don Martin
Pissing At The Wind - Don Martin
Live shit feat Jester, Don Martin, Definite, Viballistic, Pariah, Shepherd, Dj Nasty Kutt og Dj Lada
Damage: 11 Euro included shipping

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håvard said...

Do you still have more of the Motgif Ep available? Been a while since the post was made, just checking before putting in a order :)

10:24 AM  

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