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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don Martin download from new album
Download a mp3 from Don Martin's third and last solo record entitled "Situation Normal All Fucked Up", featuring Tumi & Pariah. MP3: Don Martin - Alarmclock Resistance .


Goodshit Radio said...

The new album by Norwegian hip hop activist, radio-DJ and rapper Don Martin, entitled “Situation Normal All Fucked Up”, is organic, independent insurgent hip hop in a time of total bling bling.
The album will be the last project in pseudo-English for the Scandinavian rap veteran. It’s characterized in Norway as the “end of the euro-hardcore era”. The record is a chaotic combination of black humour and frantic resistance against the violent ways of the human race. Don Martin claims our world is one of “self inflicted brutal bestiality, based on a fundament of slave labour, robbery of rights and injustice”.

The album features Tumi from south-african Tumi & The Volume, Supa Sayed and Definite, Jester, Shepherd and Pariah from Alarmclock Connection.

Download the track Alarmclock Resistance featuring Tumi & Pariah as mp3.

The easiest way to get ahold of the album outside Norway is from Search for "don martin" in the field located at the top of the page or use this direct link (norwegian text).

Don Martin has previously released “Al Dente” (2001), “Radio Alarmclock” (2002), “Video Alarmclock DVD” (2003), contributed to a number of other records and host of the weekly Goodshit Hip Hop Radio Show in Norway since 1998.

He is also a member of native tongue pioneer rap group Gatas Parlament, who last year had it’s 15 seconds of international fame after being charged with “death threats against a foreign head of state” by the Secret Service division of the US Embassy in Norway, following a music video, known as "KillHim.NU", attacking George Bush. After widespread publication and massive support for the group the charges wanting 12 years imprisonment for the group where dropped. After this record Martin will focus on Norwegian lyrics.

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