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Official page of Norwegian rapper, radio-dj, activist and gourmet Don Martin &Company, with information about the latter and whatever the latter thinks you should know.

The new album by Norwegian hip hop activist, radio-DJ and rapper Don Martin, entitled "Situation Normal All Fucked Up", is organic, independent insurgent hip hop in a time of total bling bling.

The album will be the last project in pseudo-English for the Scandinavian rap veteran. It's characterized in Norway as the "end of the euro-hardcore era". The record is a chaotic combination of black humour and frantic resistance against the violent ways of the human race. Don Martin claims our world is one of "self inflicted brutal bestiality, based on a fundament of slave labour, robbery of rights and injustice".

The album features Tumi from south-african Tumi & The Volume, Supa Sayed and Definite, Jester, Shepherd and Pariah from Alarmclock Connection.

In Europe you can order the album from for € 17.95. Alternatively you can order it directly from us by filling out the form bellow.

Download the "Repaint the picture / Deliver the word" video either in realmedia (20M) or in MPEG video (40M) or peep a preview from Video Alarmclock.

You can also order The Video Alarmclock DVD directly from us (zone free) for either 100NOK, 13EURO or 15USD including postage and packing. Send us a mail with your complete postal address, working e-mail address, the quantity of the dvd you want and your name and we will get back to you.

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