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DonMartin lyrics & discography

Discography, lyrics and tracks of Norwegian rapper, producer & dj DonMartin. Not completely complete, but we're working on it.

DonMartin - Radio Alarmclock, EP Goodshit/2003
DonMartin's second solo release on vinyl and cd. The EP is a 100% insurgent music, revolting against the looting and plundering of our world and it's population. Produced by DonMartin.

1 Emergency Broadcast
Recorded from a transmission live from somewhere featuring unknown insurgents; this intro jump starts the record by hijacking the airwave as a protest against the bullshit being served us. Radio Alarmclock is not telling you what to think; but to mind what you're thinking of.

2 Deliver The Word - [Read the lyrics] [ Stream video] [Download MP3]
Written and recorded by DonMartin & Jester, Oslo summer 2002. The video was filmed, cut and directed by Romain Gavras of Kourtrajmé Productions. It was initially banned from TV for showing "disgraceful political behaviour". Won the price for best Norwegian music video at the Zoomin music video and shortfilm festival 2003.

3 Shot in the dark - [Read the lyrics]
Written by DonMartin, Cuts by Dj NastyKutt of Turnademics. Originally just a skit. Extended version to be expected.

4 Blue Dot Mayday Blues - [Read the lyrics] [Download MP3] [Stream audio]
Written by DonMartin. Alphabetical & Pariah of The Spooks on the hook, cuts by NastyKutt of Turnademics. A cry of despair for the manmade lunacy that will ruin the future of our planet, while we do nothing but consume our own downfall.

5 Pressure - [Read the lyrics] [Download MP3]
Written by DonMartin. Cuts by Nasty Kutt of Turnademics. Adlibs by Camila Raquel. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream/but I also scream for some sense in the mainstream.

DonMartin - The Al Dente Ep, Mini album Goodshit/2001
DonMartin's 40 minute long solo debut. Produced & recorded in Rock Bottom by DonMartin except Phonk4Thought by PrOfEsSoR ANARAD for Shroom-A-Zoom Brain Entertainment.

1 Enter through the tunnels
Opens up the record with Dj Lada on the beatbox, recorded on the subway from Grorud to Romsås, Groruddalen suburbs of Oslo.

2 Pissing at the wind [Read the lyrics] [Download MP3]
Written by DonMartin, scratch by Dj Tomas Terror. The DonMartin anthem of personal philosophy.

3 The sheep song [Read the lyrics][Download MP3]
Break out of the zombie flock / Sheep follow sheep follow bad sheep, thus we're stuck / being pushed around ever forgetting that this is/ a world that we humans built and could rebuild.

4 Repaint the picture [Download MP3]
DonMartin featuring Alarmclock Click; Viballistic, Definite, Jester & Dj Tomas T. Partly featured in the Repaint/Deliver the word video. First joint Alarmclock mission.

5 Fishy Bizniz [Download MP3]
Regular fish type of hiphop. Boom bap boom bip. The stupid shit in the refrain is from a live joke. This track was originally recorded after 56 days of continuos rain in Oslo.

6 Thought for food [Download MP3]
A real-life story featuring Viballistic. DonMartin decided to write this track after a number of incidents where puking after consuming kebabs and fast food, late nightime in Oslo.

7 Federal Bandit [Download MP3]
The nice sound in the refrain is from a pipe. Oldest track of the Ep.

8 Phonk4Thaught
PrOfEsSoR ANARAD guests the EP with this instrumental track.

Jester & DonMartin - No introduction/Bombs in your brain, 12" RAR 2001
Produced by Jester. Limited edition, sold out.

A1 No introduction needed

A2 Inst/acc

B1Bombs in your brain

B2 Inst

Conspiracy 2 Murda the Mentally Dead: Episode I, Vinyl Ep, Goodshit 2000
Produced by DonMartin. Limited edition, sold out.

Ressurection side

1 Flying circus pt II

2 Lyrikal Terrorist

3 Flying/Terrorist inst/acc

Infection side

1 Fools in fools out

2 Fools in fools out, inst

3 Fools in fools out, accapella