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Goodshit broadcasts on Tellus/Rainbow Radio on 99.3 in Oslo and surrounding every Monday from 2200 - 2300 European time (Oslo/Stockholm/..). Subscribe to our podcast freely at this page to get the show automatically each week!

The show has been running since summer of 98, the first year with DonMartin & Aslak (Gatas Parlament). Summer 99 we took the name Goodshit when Mr Pink replaced Aslak.

A not very successfull attempt on making a mixtape of 2000's best shit according to us resulted in not so much more than a theme-song featuring Elling Batman Zedong of Gatas Parlament and Jørg-1 of Tungtvann. If you understand norwegian, feel free to check it out.

Goodshit Hiphop Radio

Live and direct from cold Oslo, Goodshit Hiphop Radio brings you the bombshit rapshow runned by DonMartin & Mr Pink. Each week with guests, known or unknown, from Norwegian or foreign hiphop, either it be releasing artists or people building hiphop-movement in the shadows.

The Goodshit Radio Website has now moved to Check it to find new playlists, download recent shows as mp3 or subscribe to our podcast service. We're still in effect now in 2006!

Promos from all over the world are welcomed. Our address is
Goodshit, C2M Music, Postboks 9110 Groenland, N-0133 Oslo Norway.
Make sure to mark it promo. Send us mail from the form for anything.

Since summer 2005 the Goodshit Radio playlists will be published on, and no longer here.

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We havent been to goog updating our playlist lately, and we probably will not in the future either. But here is what we managed to type in so far...

Goodshit 2004 07 19

roots - stay cool
blahzay - danger
redrama kill it with hiphop
aesop rock
aceyalone - serve and protect
ateam - did it like that
main flow talib kweli
yungun - gringo lingo
richochet klashnekoff - parrowdice
casual brothers - one destiny
time machine - ?
mr lif - madness in a cup
paris - bring it to ya
organism 12 - sångfågel

Goodshit 28th of April 2003

Zion I ft Pep Love - Where you at - Deep water slang 2.0
Aceyalone - Junkman - Love & Hate LP
Mr Lif - The now - Phantom I
Foreign Legion - Reference check - Kidnapper van
Evil Ed ft Task Force - Turnament - 12"
Ugly duckling - Turn it up - 12"
Nina Simone - Sinnerman
Talib Kweli - Get by - Quality
Aceyalone - Ace cowboy - Love & Hate
Common - Thisisme - Ressurection
Common - Aquarious - Electric circus

Goodshit 21th of April 2003

Featuring Jester.

Blackstar - Little Brother
Blacksheep - Gotta get up - Non Phixon LP
Abstrakt Rude, Aceyalone, Mikah9 - SOS
Digable Planets -
Jester - Represent what
Jester interview
Jester ft DonMartin - Solidarity
Zion I - You know the drill - Deep water slang 2.0
Foreign Beggars - ?
Murs & Slug (FELT) - Hot barz

Goodshit 14.04.03

Featuring Dj Lada & Quest

Roots Manuva - witness - Run come save me
Mr Lif ft El-P - Post Mortem - Phantom I
Jean Grae+ Akrobatik
Pep Love - - Ascensions
Eric B & Rakim - - Dont sweat the technique
Showbiz & AG - Fat pockets - Runaway slave
Monsta Island Czars
King Ghipra - Mic line
Lada about Mf Doom
Mf Doom - Mad villen
Eazy E - Radio - Eazy Duz it
Onkel P - Antibitetime
Quest interview
Jaa9, Definite, Teo?

Goodshit 31.03.03

Featuring F-EM1 of Equicez.

Pep Love - Fight Club
Apany B Fly Emcee - Narcotic - promo
Equicez - Barnslig - State of Emergency (Passit)
Equicez - Surveilance - State of Emergency (Passit)
Equicez - Drekkalåta - State of Emergency (Passit)
Zion I - Trippin'
Paris - Bushkiller - Sleeping with the enemy (Scarface)
Mc Lyte
Diamond D - Best kept secrect - Stunts, blunts and hiphop

Goodshit 17.03.03

Rodney P - Riddim Killa - 12" (Riddim Killa)
Mr Lif - Live from the plantation - I Phantom (DefJux)
Sage Francis & Leo - Try your best - 12" (Blenda)
Safe Francis - Morning aftermath - Makeshift Patriot ep
Psalm.One - Joe mama - Bio:Chemistry
Showbiz & Ag - Soulclap
Mass Influence & D.S.P. - To tha left - In the red (Ninjatune)
Akrobatik - Internet Mc's
Andyboy - Skjønnheten i udyret
Andyboy interview
Andyboy - Kuga her
Equicez - Alias - State of emergency (Passit)

Goodshit 10.03.03

Featuring Dj Taus on the turntables. Main Flow ft Talib Kweli- Hip hop worth dying for - 12"
Quasimoto - Astronaut
Eligh - Cronic
Antipop consortium - Perdendicular
RJD2 - Smoke & mirrors
Emanon - A day in exile (Defjux)
Emanon - Airplug
Del - Corner story - Future development (Hiero)
Blockhead - Change - Blockhead beats
Shadow - Long stew - 12"
RJD2 - The proxy
Siah & Yeshua - No soles dopes opus
Madlib/Metapore 7"
Roots Manuva - Witness dub -Dub come save me (bigdada)
Del - Faulty

Goodshit 03/03/03

Mr Lif - Home of the brave - Emergency rations (Def Jux)
Akrobatik and Form One - World wide (Blenda)
Arsonists - Language arts - Date of birth (Matador)
Obie Trice - Gimme my dat back - 12" (NAP)
Rodney P ft Julie Dexter - Love song 12"
London Posse - Hows life in London 12"
Ice Pick - Doungon funk 12"
Killa Instinct - Killa's lullaby - Dead breed LP
Sage Francis - Narcissist - Makeshift Patriot EP (Anticon)
Jester - Represent what - Beatiful decay (Unreleased)
Rascallz - Northern touch 12"
Rasco - Uncut
Digable Planets -- Blowout comb LP
Apany B Fly MC - Narcotic (promo)

Goodshit 24/02/03

Visionaries - Love (hip hop) 12"
DSP ft Chill Rob G - Bullshit - In the red (Ninja Tune)
Asheru & Blue black - Welcome - Soon come (7H)
Arsonists - Selfrightous spics - Date of Birth (Matador)
Brand Nubian - Probable cause - Foundation (Arista)
3rd Bass - Gladiator
Maste Ace - So where we at - Lost tapes
Digable Planets - Dial 7 - Blowout comb
Jester ....
Jedi Mind Tricks - Breath of god - Violent by design (Landspeed)
Aesop Rock - Bracket - Daylight (Def Jux)

Goodshit 17/02/03

Interview with Shepherd of Funkshed

DPz - Food, clothes and shelter - Turn off the radio (Holla Black)
TTC - Elementaire - Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque (Big dada)
Asheru & Blue Black - Live at home - Soon come
Asheru & Blue Black - Smiley - Soon come
Atmospehere - God loves ugly - God loves ugly
Ice Cube - No vaseline - Death Certificate (Priority)
Public Enemy - Terminator X to the edge of panic - It takes .. (Def Jam)
Tram 11 - Nisi Pazio - (Menart)
Funqshed x 2

Goodshit 10/2/2003

Doggelito of Latin Kings interview.

Paris - Hate that hate made - 12" version
Talib Kweli ft CB - Gun Music - Quality LP (Rawkus)
Aceyalone - I never knew - Accepted ... (Project Blow)
DPz - Know your enemy - Turn off the radio (Holla Black)
Blackalicious - Brainwashers - Blazing Arrow (Quannum)
Public Enemy - Fight the power - Fear of a black planet (Def Jam)
Del - Wacky world of rapid transits - I wish my brother..
Total Fiasko - See how they run - Brainkilla comp
Latin Kings - Snubben - I skuggan av betongen
Latin Kings / Doggelito - interview
Latin Kings - Botkyrka Stylee
Mr Live - All day - 12"

Goodshit Monday 3/2/2003

With Whimisical in the studio in the second part of the show.

Dynamic Syncopation ft Mass Influence - Systematic - In the red (Ninjatune)
Public Enemy - By the time I get to Arizona - Apocolypse 91 ... (Def Jam)
Atmosphere - Lost & found - Ford two 12"
Offwhyte - UPS - Fifth sun lp (Galapagos4)
Common sense - Aquarious - Electric circus (MCA LP)
Heather B - The Heartbreaka
Mr Lif - Unorthodox - Emergency Rations (DefJux)
KMD - Sweet premium wine - Black bastards LP
Marvin Gardens - Invisible flow cloack - A year in a day LP
DPZ - Souldier life mentality - Turn off the radio LP (Holla Black)
Whimsical - Yellow kid 12" (Soulfood)
Whimsical - Whims 4 Mayor (Soulfood)

Goodshit Monday 27/01/2003

With rapgroup Evig Poesi interview.

Qwel - Pinocchi syndrome - Rubberduckie experiment (Galapagos4)
Offwhyte - Complex destiny - The 5th sun (Galapagos4)
Promoe - Inner views - Primetime 12" (DVSG)
Common - Soul power - Electric circus (MCA)
Rocé - Changer le monde - Top depart (Chronowax)
DSP ft Eve.On - Where is it - Red ... (Ninja tune)
KMD - It sounds like roc - Black bastards ()
Aceyalone ft Abstract Rude - Real McCoy (Project blowed)
Masta Ace - Every other day - Desposable arts (Interscope)
Paris - What would you do (Promo)
Evig poesi - Drekka Melk
Evig poesi - Tankebaner
Dj Vadim ft Vakill - Its on (Jazz fudge)
Roots - Water - Phrenology (MCA)
Mr Lif - Home of the brave - Emergency rations (Def Jux)

Goodshit Monday 20th January 03

With The Planet Follo radioshow featuring our show, and vice versa.

Aceyalone - Guidelines - Book of human languages LP
Paris - What would you do?
DP'Z - Know your enemy - Turn off the radio LP (Holla Black)
Promoe & Timbuktu - Vertigo 12" (JuJu)
Roots - Water - Phrenology LP (MCA)
Black Radical MKII - England is a bitch -
DonMartin - Blue dot mayday blues - Radio Alarmclock EP (Goodshit)
Rocé - Le dernier des derniers - Top depart (chronowax)
Motion Man - Loose canon - clearing the field
Sage Francis - Crack pipes - Personal Journals (Anticon)
Sage Francis - Different - Personal Journals (Anticon)
Mr Live ft unknown english rapper

Goodshit Monday 13th of January 03

With rapper Christine.

Public Enemy - 911 is a joke - Fear of a ... lp (def jam)
Rocé - Changer lemonade - top depart LP (chronowax)
Dj Vadim ft Demolition Man - Leachez - 12" (jazz fudge)
Majesticons - Pirana party -
Roots Manuva - Witness - Run come save me LP (big dada)
Blade & Herbalizer - Time 2 build - 12 ()
Motion Man ft E40 - Reason 2 panic - Clearing the field
Christine - Knekt
Christine - Jenteinvasjon
Talib Kweli ft Dj Quick - Put it in the air - Quality (Rawkus)
Sage Francis - - Personal Journals (Anticon)

Goodshit Monday 30.12.02

With Jaa9 and Onkel P of Dirty Oppland

Rocé - 10/10 - Top Depart LP (Chronowax)
Dark leaf - ? - Fuck the people LP
Talib Kweli - Good 2 you - Quality lp (Rawkus)
Blackalicious - ... - Blazing arrow Lp (Quannum)
Promoe ft Black Fist - Whats that sound - Goverment music LP(DVSG)
Aspects - Ects factor - Correct english lp (Hombre)
Roots Manuva - Son of the soil - 12" (Big dada)
TTC - Danser - ?? lp(Big dada)
Jaa9 & Onkel P - Hvem faen
Offwhyte - Ups - The fifth sun LP (Galapagos4)
DonMartin ft Jester - Deliver the word - Radio Alarmclock EP (Goodshit)

Goodshit Monday 16th of December 02

With guests Dj Goldfinger of Turnademics and later F.EM 1 of Equicez.

Mass Influence - All Out (12)
Talib Kweli - Shock body - Quality lp
Jester - Gladiators (12)
DonMartin ft Jester - Deliver the word + intro - Radio Alarmclock EP
Dead Prez ft The Coup - Get up - Mixtape LP
Aspects - We get foul - ..english LP
Roots Manuva - Man Fi Cool - Dub come save me EP
Blade - Grip of the pitbull - The lion goes from ... LP
Common - I got da right (12)
Looptroop + Chords - Heads day off (12)
Equicez - Live from pass it (12)
PTA - ....

Goodshit Monday 9th of December 02

With Sage Francis interview.

DP'Z - Food, clothes & shelter - Turn off the radio LP (Holla black)
Talib Kweli - Just to get by - Quality LP (Rawkus)
Erick Sermon ft Redman - React - React LP
Chilly & Leafy - Jag ska bara bara
Athmospehere - - Overcast EP
Equicez - Live from pass it - 12" (Passit)
Masta Ace - No regrets - Desposable Arts LP
Roots - Quills - Phrenology (MCA)
Roots ft Talib Kweli - Rolling with heat - Phrenology (MCA)

Goodshit Monday 2nd of December

Phone interview with single-dropping Diaz. In studio we also had norwegian Spooks who played two priorly unheard tracks and gave their comments on the world.

Talib Kweli ft Mos Def - Joy (Quality LP)
Motion Man - Straight flozing on em (Clearing the field LP)
Masta Ace - Survival (12)
A-team - Like that like this (Who framed the .. LP)
Sage Francis - Broken Wings (Personal Journals LP)
Opaque - Finally here (Gourmet Garbage LP)
Skitz ft. Wildflower, Tempa, Estelle (Skitz LP)
Talib Kweli ft Dj Quick - Put it in the air (Quality LP)
Spooks - Call for revolution
Spooks ft Viballistic - Palestine

Goodshit Monday 25th of November

With Skranglebein interview and two new tracks. Twice in the show the fucked up cd player caused some seconds of silence, the third silent break is intentional. Playlist comming.

Dead Prez - Turn off the radio (12)
Ice Cube - Turn off the radio (Amerikkka's Most Wanted)
Talib Kweli - Get by (Quality LP)
Black eyed peas ...

Goodshit Monday 18th of November

Our guest of the day Skranglebein (Ex-Pen Jakke) was prohibited from comming on his way to the studio, thus leaving us with our first no-show.

Main Flow ft Talib Kweli - Hip hop worth dying for (12)
Looptroop - Struggle continues (Struggle .. LP)
Strick - Hate me to (Koolade 12)
Ultramagnetic MCs - NYC Street corner battle
Qwel - Dan rather (Rubber duckie experiment LP)
Public Enemy - Fight the power live
Jester - November (Unreleased)
Mad skillz - Ghost writer (12)
Red cloud - In my hands (12)
Killa Instinct - Straight from the brain (Dead breed LP)
Killa Instinct - Bullets and babies (Whispers of hatred EP)
Killa Instinct - And now the screaming starts (Escapism EP)
Offwhyte - Complex destiny (The 5th sun LP)
Looptroop - Bandit queen (Struggle continues LP)

Goodshit Monday 11th of November

Elling (Gatas Parlament) visited the show. We also had a nice interview with Jørg-1 (Tungtvann), who dropped their ep Påfyll the same monday. Playlist as follows:

Ultramagnetic MCs - Industry is wack (Pimp fiction lp)
Grand Agent ft Lord Finesse - Know the legend (promo)
Red Cloud - Shall proceed (12)
Digital Underground - No nose job (12)
Main Flow ft Black Thought - You got 2 (12)
Mr Live - All day (12)
Mr Live - Good life (Heavy lounging comp)
Blackalicous - live in oslo
Tungtvann ft Jaa9 & Onkel P - Stikk av scena (Påfyll ep)
Tungtvann ft Jan Steigan - Nån få (Påfyll ep)
Killah Instinct - (Dead bread LP)
Looptroop - Botaniska (Digging in the swedish underground comp)

Goodshit Monday 4th of November 2002

With The D.O.N.S.-interview near the end of the show. Contains otherwize
Reflection Eternal - Down for the count (solo version)(12)
Looptroop - Revolutionary step (Struggle continues LP)
Edo Majka - Super Majka (Sluza Mater LP)
Masta Ace - Dont understand ft Greg Nice (Desp art Lp)
Chords - Idiot Savant (12)
Aesop Rock - 9 to 5ers Anthem (Labor days LP)
Aceyalone - Headaches & woes (All balls dont... LP)
Roots Manuva ft Riddla - Uk warrior (Dub come save me EP)
Main Flow ft Talib Kweli - Hiphop worth dying for (12)
Blacksheep - Gotta get up (Nonphixion LP)
D.O.N.S. - Rough it up

Goodshit Monday 28th of October 2002

With special guest Gordon/Dj Hercules of Tee Pee. Twice in this show the sound falls out for a few seconds. Here´s what we played:

Chords - Idiot savanti (12)
Blackalicous - Green light (Blazing Arrow lp)
Blackalicous - Beyonder (Nia LP)
Edo Majka - ?? (Sluza Mater LP)
Public Enemy - Welcome to the terrordome live (LP)
BDP - Jimmy live (Worldwide hardcore LP)
BDP - Bridge is over live (Worldwide .. LP)
Eric B & Rakim - Move the crowd (Paid in full LP)
Public Enemy - Gonna get yours (Yo! Bum rush the show LP)
Looptroop - Struggle continues (Struggle continues LP)
Looptroop - ??? (Struggle continues LP)

Goodshit Monday 21st of October 2002

Featuring interview with upcomming Carpe Diem.

Masta Ace - Every other day (Desposable arts LP)
Gunshot - Ghetto hartbeat (Twilights last.. LP)
Paris - Guerillaz in the mist remix (Asatas song 12)
Paris - Coffe, doughnuts & death remix (Asatas.. 12)
The Coup ft. Dead Prez -
Blackalicious - Nowhere fast (Blazing arrow LP)
Public Enemy - My uzi weights live (Revolverlution LP)
Tommy Tee ft. Nice & Smooth - Whats your name (12)
Nas - Once mic (Stillmatic LP)
Chords ft Promoe - Supermarket sweep (Idiot sa... 12)

Goodshit Monday 14th of October 2002

With Mr Pink interview and grand re-opening. We ran true the following
Aesop Rock - Lucy (Labor days LP)
Blackalicious - Sky is falling (Blazing arrow LP)
Masta Ace - Unfriendly game (Desp.. LP)
Son dobie - Por amor (12)
Edo Majka - Super Majka (Sluza Mater LP)
Scarface - SAFE (The Fix LP)
Looptroop ft Chords - Heads day off (12)
Looptroop - Cop killin
Alarmclock Connection - Få på noe opprør (single)
B.O.L.T Warhead - Flags on fire (Reinforcement LP)

Goodshit playlist 3rd December 2001

In Realaudio: Part one and part two (there is ten seconds of silence in the middle of part two)
DonMartin ft Alarmclock Connection - Repaint the picture
Aesop Rock - Daylight
Katch 22 - Cynical world
Looptroop - Do my do
Looptroop - Militant vinylist
Demon boyz - Recognition
Atmosphere - Party for your fight to write
Benefit - So sick
Foreign legion - Nowhere to hide madlib remix
Lootpack - madlib remix
A-team - doing the most for the coast
MBMA - Musik for din kraval
Blackstar - Little brother
Masterminds - The spinners
(Part two)
Blade - play the joker
People under the stairs - We'll be there
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Straighten it out
Lone catalyst - The place to be
Del - Dynasty
Paris - Escape from babylon
(Internet only)
BDP - Illegal buisniss
Goats - Typical american
DonMartin - The sheep song
Gunshot - Colorcode

Goodshit playlist 26th November 2001

In Realaudio
Warlocks - You are a dick
Jeru Da Damaja - 99,9%
Declaim ft Rasco - Wildstylewestcoast
Show & AG - It ain't no fun
BDP - Illegal buisniss
Mass Influence - The science
Masterminds - Bring it back
Foreign Legion - Secret agent
A-team - A.B. Baracus
J Rawls ft Apani B Fly MC & Mr Complex - Far Away
Common - Car horn Madlib remix
Rodney P feat MCD - Friction
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Ghettos of the mind
Super Action Figuers -
Fat Joe - Respect mine
Ice Cube ft. ++++- Colorblind
DonMartin/Alarmclock Connection - Repaint the picture
Blade - Let's begin
Paris - Bushkiller

Goodshit playlist 19th November 2001

Gunshot - 25 gun salut
Paris - sleeping with the enemy
Fattaru - Salut
Rodney P - Murder style
Fat Joe - Watch the sound
Public Enemy - Timebomb
NWA - Dopeman
Last Emperor - Echo Leader
Warlocks - You are a dick
Benefit -
Arsonists - Language arts
Looptroop - Looptroop anthem
DonMartin - Pissin' at the wind
A-team - Slower traffic to the right
Lootpack - Anthem
Declaim - Uplift the opposite
Atmosphere - Like today
Saukrates ++
Siah & Joshua daop ed - Glassbottombolt
Roots Manuva - Join the dots

Goodshit playlist 12th November 2001

Foreign Legion - Reference check
Arsonists - Language arts
Benefit - So sick
Obie trice - Well known asshole
Aesop rock - coma
Task force - The tournament
Geto boys - my mind is playing trix on me
Souls of mischief - 93 til infinity
Copywrite -
Timbuktu - Alla vet
Timbuk & Promoe - Between the lines
Killawatz - Watz a killa
Edan - Sing it shitface
LFudge - Liquid
Louis Logic - Factomotum
DonMartin ft Viballistic - Thought for food
11:59 - Killing time
Casual Brothers - Decleration of motivation
Declaim ft Taboo - Uplift the opposite
Warlocks - Flashbacks
Paris - Bushkiller

Goodshit playlist 5th November 2001

Aceyalone - I never knew
MC Search - Hits the head
Casual brothers - People
Foreign Legion - Full time b-boy
ADK crew - Un son de plus
Obi Trice - Gimme my dat
Aesop Rock - Maintanance
Opaque - short stories
Rasheed ft. Louis Logic, Celph Titled & Apathy - Paper Mache
J-Zone - Love from pimp palace east
DonMartin ft Viballistic - Thought for food
Evil Ed ft. Usman &Tommy Evans - Potencially Dangerous
Definite - Verbalt
Timbuktu - Alla vet
Mass Influence - Demo type shit
BDP - Ya know the rules
Paris - Bushkiller
The Coup - Fat cats, big fish
Nonphixon - live
Sedelighetsroteln - Släpp fångarna loss

Goodshit playlist 29th October 2001

People under the stairs - Big daddy brown
Atmosphere - Party for your fight to write
Moka only -
Lone Catalyst ft. Rubix & Talib Kweli - Due process
Artifacts - Wrong side of the tracks
Aceyalone - Rappers, rappers, rappers
Timbuktu & Promoe - Between the lines
DonMartin ft. Viballistic - Thought for food
Louis Logical - Loudmouth
Jeru da damaja - Ya playen yoself
Roots Manuva - Ital visions
Spooks - Amnesty
Paris - Sleeping with the enemy
Paris - House niggas bleed to too
Elling Batman & Jørg-1 - Goodshit Anthem 2000
Opaque - Slicker than grease
3rd bass - Stepping to the a.m.
Living legends
Paris - Bushkiller

Goodshit playlist 22.10.2001

MC Ren - Mad scientist
Blade - Fuck the goverment
Last emporer - Echo leader
Aceyalone - I never knew
Mos def - Hiphop
Mr Len & Mr Live - What the fuck
MOP (premier remix) - Handle your bizniz
Skitz & Dynamite - Double reds
Styles of beyond - Spies like us
Korporayshun - Monkey see, monkey do
Fattaru & Seron - Kvack, kvack
Ellers Det ft. Opaque - Ellers takk
N-light-N ft. Opaque - Land of the lost
Def Wish Cast - They will not last
ADK crew - Le monde qui ...
People under the stairs - Down and out
Mass influence - Demo shit